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About Our Clinic

Smiling is an expression of happiness and joy of life. At Dent Adavista, our main priority is to ensure our guests return home with a big smile on their faces. We are pleased to welcome you in our modern and technology-equipped clinics, offering a comfortable and cozy environment. Our experienced and friendly team is here to provide you with the best treatment and make you feel at home.

We constantly work to elevate the patient experience to the highest level through the use of advanced technology in our clinic. With our own laboratory, equipped with the latest technology and our expert staff, we make your treatment process faster and more effective. This allows us to make more accurate diagnoses and plan treatments more precisely for our patients.

Our specialist doctors and experienced staff are always ready to answer your questions and guide you through your process. With various treatment options such as digital smile design, veneers, or implants, we are here to find and apply the best solution for you.

Dent Adavista offers world-class dental care with our specialists in Kuşadası. We are here to give you the most beautiful smile with our personalized and high-quality service.

Why Turkey?

There are many reasons why Turkey is a leading destination in dental tourism. Compared to regions like Europe and America, dental treatments offered in Turkey are notable for their cost-effectiveness. The availability of quality services at affordable prices allows patients to meet both their treatment and vacation needs within a reasonable budget.

One of the reasons Turkey is preferred in dental tourism is its modern medical infrastructure. Clinics in the country are managed by experienced and specialist dentists and are equipped with the latest technology and innovative treatment methods. This makes Turkey a reliable treatment center for both local and international patients.

Turkey is not only prominent for its healthcare services but also for its rich historical and cultural heritage. During their treatment processes, patients have the opportunity to visit the country’s beautiful historical sites, natural beauties, and touristic places. This provides the chance to have an enjoyable holiday while meeting health needs.

Another significant factor behind Turkey’s success in dental tourism is Turkish hospitality and high service quality. Patients feel at home throughout their treatment processes and can receive care without any language barrier, thanks to multilingual support.

For those seeking quality and affordable dental treatment, Turkey is an excellent health tourism destination combined with an unforgettable holiday experience. If you are considering dental treatment in Turkey, we are here to assist you with our comprehensive services and expert team.

Choose Turkey for a quality and affordable dental treatment experience combined with an unforgettable holiday. Contact us now!

Advantages Offered by Turkey in Dental Tourism:

The advantages offered by Turkey in dental tourism:

  1. Quality Treatments at Affordable Prices: Turkey offers affordable prices for quality dental treatments compared to other countries, providing an economic advantage for patients.
  2. Clinics of International Standards: All dentists are experts in their field and serve in modern clinics that comply with international standards.
  3. Advanced Technology and Treatment Methods: Clinics in Turkey offer you the best treatment options with modern treatment methods and the use of advanced technology.
  4. Various Treatment Options: You can easily access all the treatments you need, including cosmetic dentistry.
  5. Rich Cultural Heritage: It offers you the opportunity to explore Turkey’s rich historical and cultural heritage during or after your treatment processes.
  6. Easy Transportation and Accommodation: There are direct flights from many parts of the world to Turkey, and most agencies provide all services, including accommodation, in a single package.
  7. Hospitality and High Service Quality: Turkish hospitality and the high standards in health services offer a comfortable experience for patients.
  8. Multilingual Support: All doctors can communicate with you in English. Translation and consulting services in other languages ensure your treatment processes go smoothly.

In addition to offering affordable prices and high quality, Turkey provides a unique experience by combining holiday and treatment.

Why Kuşadası?

Touristic regions like Kuşadası provide patients with the opportunity to have an unforgettable holiday experience while receiving their treatments. Kuşadası has become a preferred destination for both holidaymakers and health tourists. Known for its historical and cultural richness as well as its beautiful beaches, Kuşadası offers an excellent choice for health tourism.

Dent Adavista Dental Clinic, with its quality dental treatments in Kuşadası and comfortable accommodation options in touristic areas, promises its patients both a healthy smile and an enjoyable holiday. In this destination filled with the beauty of Turkey, contact us right away to experience both your vacation and treatment together!

Your Vacation and Treatment Together: Unlike other medical procedures, dental treatments are usually less complicated. Therefore, while receiving your dental treatment, you can spend quality time with your family or friends. Your clinic visits, which typically last only 1-2 hours during the day, will be sufficient to complete your treatment.

Tourist Attractions to Visit

House of Virgin Mary | Kuşadası

Located half an hour away from Kuşadası, this place known as the House of Virgin Mary is situated on Bulbul Mountain, approximately 27 kilometers from the House of the Virgin Mary. As you approach the summit of the mountain, a mystical atmosphere surrounds you and becomes almost palpable.

It is known that Saint John brought Virgin Mary to Ephesus six years after the death of Jesus.

In 1891, Lazaret priests revealed the location of the House of Virgin Mary based on a dream of the German nun A. Katherina Emerich.

This event became a new discovery in the Christian world, shedding light on the religious community. The cruciform and domed structure was later restored. Rituals are held in this house, considered sacred by Muslims, every year on August 15th following Pope VI. Paul’s visit in 1967, attracting significant attention.

Ephesus Ancient City

The Ancient City of Ephesus, one of the historical treasures of Kuşadası, offers visitors a historical journey as if it were an open-air museum. This ancient city, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, stands out with its fascinating ruins and rich historical background.

Ancient Ephesus was one of the most important port cities of the ancient Roman Empire. The city is known for its grand structures, temples, and monumental buildings. Significant structures such as the Odeon, Trajan Fountain, Scholastica’s Baths, and the Temple of Hadrian allow visitors to experience the grandeur of the ancient Roman era.

Walking tours in Ancient Ephesus are conducted with expert guides, providing visitors with insights into the history of this captivating ancient city. Each step feels like a journey back thousands of years and brings the traces of ancient times to the modern era.

Temple of Artemis

The Temple of Artemis has left its mark on history as one of the most enchanting structures of the ancient world. Located in the Ephesus Ancient City, this temple is dedicated to Artemis, the goddess of hunting, nature, and fertility in ancient Greek mythology. Its construction, which began around 550 BC, reflected the grandeur of its time with its colossal size and elegant architecture.

Over time, the Temple of Artemis suffered damage several times due to natural disasters and wars, but it underwent meticulous reconstruction processes each time. The temple that has reached us today may not fully reflect its original splendor, but it captivates attention with its columns and foundation ruins that evoke the mystical atmosphere of the ancient world.

The Temple of Artemis offers visitors an in-depth look into ancient Greek culture and mythology. This unique structure promises an unforgettable experience for history enthusiasts and archaeology aficionados. Among the historical treasures of Ephesus, the Temple of Artemis shines as a precious legacy that brings the enchantment of the ancient world to the present day.

Horseback Safari Tours

Kuşadası horseback safari tours offer participants an opportunity to explore the magnificent natural beauty from forested areas to sandy beaches. With its proximity to sea views and historical riches, these tours provide an enjoyable activity for both novice and experienced riders.

Horseback safari tours are conducted with expert guides who provide information about the region’s flora and fauna and assist with horse riding. These tours, which take place in a safe environment, offer an ideal experience for families and groups.

Kuşadası horseback safari tours are a perfect choice for those who want to have an enjoyable time in the embracing atmosphere of nature. Offering a fun and educational experience, these tours provide an unforgettable adventure for those who wish to explore the beauty of Kuşadası from a different perspective.

Kuşadası Scuba Diving

Scuba diving in the waters of Kuşadası offers participants the opportunity to immerse themselves in a colorful underwater world beneath the crystal-clear waters. Rich marine life, vibrant corals, and intriguing underwater formations make this experience unforgettable. Guided by professional diving instructors, suitable routes are offered for divers of all levels.

Scuba diving in Kuşadası is guided by experienced diving instructors. These guides provide basic training for beginners while offering the opportunity for experienced divers to explore deeper waters. All necessary precautions are taken to ensure a safe experience, allowing participants to smoothly enjoy the enchanting world underwater.

Kuşadası Scuba Diving provides a unique opportunity for participants to dive into the mysterious world of the sea and savor the colorful marine life. Each dive offers an experience filled with unforgettable memories, while the time spent in the waters teeming with the marine richness of Kuşadası takes divers on a captivating exploration journey.

Kuşadası Boat Trip

Boat Trip, an ideal option for exploring the coastal beauty of Kuşadası, offers an unforgettable experience in the tranquility of the azure sea. The tour takes you to popular spots like Öküz Mehmet Poyrazı, Güvercinada, and Kadınlar Denizi, showcasing the natural beauty of the region.

Kuşadası Boat Trip not only offers breathtaking views but also promises a day filled with water sports and fun activities. You can participate in options like snorkeling, jet skiing, or canoeing, soak up the sun on the deck, or take a lunch break with delicious seafood.

Kuşadası Boat Trip tours, accompanied by professional crews and experienced guides, provide a safe experience. With measures taken throughout the tour, participants can enjoy the calm waters in safety.

International Health Tourism Authorization Certificate

As Dent Adavista Clinic, we have a health tourism authorization certificate.

This institution is entitled to operate in the field of International Health Tourism within the scope of the Regulation on International Health Tourism and Tourist’s Health, in accordance with the Requirements for International Health Tourism Health Facility and the general principles of the Regulation.

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